love potion no. 9

Life isn’t all serious, and my well documented passion for the VW Type 2 is just one example of this. It’s time though for the dub to shuffle sideways a tiny bit (because honestly not much room is needed!) and make room for a sibling.

From the very first wooden framed, single-cylinder Otto-cycle engined, gas powered motorcyle built by Gottlieb Daimler in 1884-85, motorcycling has enthused 2-wheel addicts all over the world; and the Honda Dax is no exception.

                 CT70_brochure          ct70_ad5

As usual of course, I’m not craving one of the newer, more polished versions; instead the original 1969 ST70 is the one that holds me. There has to be some history’s an unwritten rule!

I’m sure some of those who know me will think I’m mad, but those who know me best will just nod knowingly and smile. I think I’ve fallen the smallest bit in love with this slightly eccentric, Summer-loving machine, and I make no apologies.

Oh, and the post title? Ah, well after my SO showing me a video of a definitively mad Frenchman’s uncondonable street ride; the Nicolas Jaar remix of The Searchers’ original has stuck with me. Although, again as usual, I still prefer the original!


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