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Dub Box Retro Caravanning

From Dub Box comes the VW Type 2 style 2-berth trailery-caravan; aesthetically beautiful (to the initiated). But, where is all the lovely air-cooled goodness? Perhaps for those of you who simply wish to retro your campsite frolicking it is of no import; but for me, there isn’t a truly perfect Type 2 without its ticking, whirring, purring (yes, sometimes failing) engine love.
That aside – the Dub Box’rs have done a beautifully tailored glass fibre job; and if you’re in the market for a little retro-styling – this would be the ticket. (Although be assured it will outshine your Surrey tractor a hundred-fold – so go & buy a decent Type 2 to pull it!)

So how much are these little wonders?
A full-spec starts at £13,750 (April 2012) and Dub Box are now offering a pop-top version too!

On reflection, it does look kind of needful trundling along behind its engine’d counterpart… like a wide-eyed, fluffy chick that you just want to pick up and take home…
perhaps I do want one after all! ;)


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