by your command my liege

© Andrew Birch for

Last night I found myself remembering history lessons at school, and how strange I thought the 1696 (William III) window tax was.

Window tax was introduced as a compromise when the people (of England & Wales) vehemently opposed the introduction of income tax, calling it an unacceptable intrusion into their liberty.
This all new sparkly tax came into play at (yet another) time of financial crisis, under the ‘Act of Making Good the Deficiency of the Clipped Money‘. Sound familiar?

They say history repeats itself. In truth we’ve not yet come to the end of the first phase in order to repeat it; we’re living under similar legislation, it just has different titles!
They also say we should learn from our mistakes. I wonder if we could re-introduce the guillotine when modern serfdom finally ices our last patient cake?

On a different note, I do wish the warmer weather would dip its toes into our days – all this cold, dull, greyness does nothing for my mood & hands me copious mulling time!


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